Our Story

CCOM Group, Inc. and their subsidiaries, have been an industry leader in heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), climate control systems, plumbing and electrical supplies since the 1920’s. Through its subsidiaries and divisions, Universal Supply Group, RAL Supply Group, S&A Supply, American Universal and Universal Energy Products Division, distributes equipment, parts, and accessories to the Northeast. CCOM Group also provides control system design, custom control panel fabrication, technical field support, in-house training and climate control consultation for engineers and installers. The Company is a frontrunner in the design of direct digital control systems and systems that control multi-location facilities through the Internet. CCOM is an authorized generator distributor and an authorized training facility for dealers. CCOM’s reach extends from Western Massachusetts (S&A Supply) through the Hudson Valley (RAL Supply) to central New Jersey (Universal Supply Group) as well as Westchester County (NY) and Long Island (American Universal). CCOM Group’s management is well diversified and consists of long time industry leaders. We serve contractors, consumers, builders, and the commercial and industrial sector, while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.

Our Subsidiaries