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Wednesday, November 8, 2017 & Thursday, November 9, 2017



Alex Vidor,

Alex was born and raised in Atlanta. His neighbor/friend of the family was a General Contractor and employed him during high school and college summers. He attended college in Atlanta and business graduate school in North Carolina. His career has been spent working on the business side of technology companies, merging his interests of working with people, business strategy and finance.

Currently, he serves as Business Development Manager at Payzer and appreciates his opportunity to support contractors all over the country. The best part of his job is traveling to meet new people.

Angie Meyer,
CCOM Group, Inc.

Angie Meyer has spent her career in HVAC, focusing on Inside Sales, Warranty, Service, Call Center Operations, Supply Chain Management and Marketing in both manufacturing and distribution companies. Although her experience is diverse, customer service is the common thread woven into her history. Every project Angie led was focused on improving the customer experience.

Angie currently serves as the VP of Marketing for the CCOM Group. Her unique perspective and strong project management skills lead an amazing team, supporting Universal Supply, RAL Supply, American Universal and S&A Supply.

Bob Schmidt,
CCOM Group, Inc.

Bob Schmidt, Amana Goodman Product Line Manager at CCOM Group, Inc., has 44 years of experience in the industry. He started his career in residential and light commercial HVAC contracting where he began in the field and advanced to VP of New Construction for one of the largest HVAC Contractors in Northern NJ.

He holds several State of NJ Contractor Licenses and is a NATE Certified trainer and proctor. Bob joined CCOM in 1997 and for 20 years, Bob has been your go-to person for all residential warm air application inquiries.

Doug Smith,

Doug joined The EverRest Group in 2015. With over 20 years of extensive knowledge and firsthand experience within the HVAC industry—in both the wholesale equipment manufacturing and distribution sectors, as well as retail service and replacements—Doug is an invaluable asset to not only the EverRest Team, but also the distributors and contractors that we support and assist.

As Vice President of The EverRest Group, Doug manages and oversees internal communications, objectives, and initiatives, as well as supports contractors and distributors through training which focuses on EverRest’s Four Ideal Business Models (Financial, Operations, Marketing, and Sales) for achieving 20% profits.
Doug currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife of 26 years, Sonja, and his 13-year old son, Justin.

Ed Janowiak,

Ed Janowiak is the Technical Director for the Eastern Heating and Cooling Council. His experience comes from working in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. With more than 15 years of practical experience and over 15 years in the classroom, he has been able to take his real-world knowledge and present it to many audiences throughout the country.

Ed is a subject matter expert in the HVAC field where he has helped write several industry standards and certification tests (ACCA, NATE & BPI). Currently, he is a full-time trainer with other duties including writing curriculums and consulting with utilities, contractors and homeowners to provide HVAC and building science advice. Ed also holds a master HVACR license in the state of NJ.

Holly Green,

Ms. Green provides leadership to Vertical Market Specialists, within the VRV/ Light Commercial Market & Applications Strategy Division. This team is delivering training in addition to developing leads, market strategy, gap analysis reports, and sales enabling tools with the intent to expand the use of Daikin products in the North America HVAC marketplace. The team supports the Daikin sales teams and the Daikin network of manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and dealers.

Holly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing; Sales and Promotions, from the University of Northern Iowa. She also holds certifications from the Association of Energy Engineers as a Certified Energy Manager, Certified Energy Auditor and Certified Demand Side Manager. Ms. Green has spent a majority of her career working with organization leadership and facilities directors to determine and implement facility upgrade solutions that meet financial and various other organizational objectives.

Jennifer Bagley,
CI Web Group

Jennifer Bagley is an International Speaker, Growth Hacker, and the CEO of
CI Web Group, Inc., our preferred digital marketing agency. Jennifer delivers powerful presentations that keep the audience fully engaged & motivated to take immediate action, focus on high leverage activities and drive accelerated results.

Jennifer and her worldwide team of digital marketing experts have helped thousands of HVAC Contractors grow their business & improve profits through effective marketing & operational strategies. CI Web Group has a proven track record of helping HVAC Contractors implement the right things, in the right order, at the right time— to significantly drive results, improve efficiencies & increase profits!

John Brown,
EWC Controls, Inc.

John Phillip Brown has been involved in the HVACR Industry since 1978. He has been the Chief Engineer at EWC for approximately 18 years, and has been the driving force behind all of EWC’s innovative products. Mr. Brown creates, edits and approves all EWC Technical Documentation and Supervises the Technical Support Operations. As a result, Mr. Brown is well known throughout the country by Design/Build Engineers and Contractors who specify and install Air Zoning Systems. Mr. Brown also serves as liaison and primary engineering contact with Under-Writer’s Laboratories and Patent Attorneys.

Mr. Brown is currently serving as the Chairman of the AHRI Zone System Technology Section.

Julian Mercado,

Julian Mercado is Daikin’s Northeast Area Manager; he is in charge of growing and supporting the NJ and NY area market. Mercado has over 12 years of experience in the HVAC field.

Mercado started his HVAC career at Lincoln Tech by obtaining certifications on R-410 and a Universal EPA license, and worked for mechanical contractors as a service/controls technician for four years. There, he serviced different types of HVAC equipment ranging from residential to large commercial HVAC systems like VAV, Rooftops, chillers, boilers and VFD’s (to mention a few.) In time he made a switch to Fujitsu working as a service technician, helping contractors in the field; troubleshooting and diagnosing Fujitsu systems over the phone. Simultaneously Mercado was able to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, which allowed him to become a Product Development Engineer at Fujitsu where he was in charge of developing solutions for VRF and ductless mini splits. Some of the projects he worked on while at Fujitsu were: Wi-Fi solutions, air filtration, DOAS, Cloud integration, communicating gateways, Utility DR Demand Response Solutions for both Residential and VRF solutions.

Julian Mercado is also a very active individual who during his leisure time enjoys participating in extreme sports such as XC/Downhill biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, etc. In addition, he loves teaching his daughter about science, engineering, staying active and caring for the family’s dog, Goku.

Kathleen Carey,

Ms. Carey joined Daikin in 2014 and supports market strategy and sales enablement specifically for the Office and Retail verticals. She also provides broad support across all markets with development of data driven tools, data analysis and key performance metrics.

Kathleen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from the University of Texas A&M and is a 2018 Global MBA candidate at IE Business School (Madrid, Spain).

Prior to coming to Daikin, Kathleen worked in the retail division of GDF SUEZ focusing on providing electricity to large commercial and industrial consumers in North America.

Mandeep Singh Bhalla,
CI Web Group

Mandeep Bhalla is a Speaker, Growth Hacker, and Marketing Strategist of CI Web Group, Inc., our preferred digital marketing agency. Actions always speak louder than words! Mandeep Singh is a globally renowned expert in online marketing industry today. Far more than a business mentor with proven ability to get results for the clients, Mandeep can turn your website into a cash-generating machine with cutting-edge SEO and paid advertising tactics the moment you start working with him.

Mandeep delivers powerful presentations that keep the audience fully engaged and motivated to take immediate action, focus on high leverage activities and drive accelerated results.

Mandeep and his worldwide team of digital marketing experts have helped thousands of HVAC Contractors grow their business and improve profits through effective marketing and operational strategies. CI Web Group has a proven track record of helping HVAC Contractors implement the right things, in the right order, at the right time – to significantly drive results, improve efficiencies and increase profits!

Mike Bush,

Mike Bush is a Regional Director for The EverRest Group. Mike brings his diverse knowledge of the HVAC industry and 28+ years of expertise through manufacturing and distribution to work with The EverRest Group’s contractors and distributors.

He has a strong drive and focus to help contractors with growing and developing a profitable, financially strong residential HVAC company.

Mike has lived in 4 different regions in the United States during his career and has collaborated with thousands of HVAC contractors across the country. Mike currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife Melissa, married for 28 years and has two daughters, Mary Katherine, 19 and Emily, 16.

Matt Simone,

Matt was born and grew up for a short time just up the Hudson River in Saugerties, NY. His parents worked for the US Government which moved the family to Japan for all of his high school years. He attended college in Charlotte and went on to serve in director roles at several non-profits before deciding to try his hand at home renovations. After successfully learning a new trade, he decided to put down the saw and hammer and swap it out for a tablet.

He started at Payzer three years ago with a desire to help contractors become more successful in what they do. The most rewarding part of the job is forging new friendships and watching businesses increase their profitability by using Payzer.

Michael McFarland,

Michael McFarland is a Tech Trainer and field support for the Northeast region. He has been with Daikin for going on 6 years, performing training, field support, trouble-shooting and start-up.

Before coming to work for Daikin, Michael owned one of the largest HVAC/R contracting companies in New York City for over 35 years. He is a part-time instructor for Local Union 638 steamfitters and service fitters and has been in the industry for over 48 years.

Rob Noll,

Rob has been in the HVAC business for over 25 years where he has excelled in all facets of the HVAC business. He was an HVAC sales person with personal sales from 2.5–3 million dollars a year. Rob has also has owned and operated successful large HVAC businesses and, as a result, has a keen understanding of the owner / general manager perspective. Rob moved into distribution sales for the largest Amana distributor in the country as the regional sales manager of the Northern territory.

There, his focus on training dealers how to sell and use financing resulted in increasing high-efficiency by 116%. In 2017, he came to work with EGIA with a passion for training contractors to succeed and a goal to help EGIA partner distributors grow their business through their contractor base.

Scott Smith,
CI Web Group

Scott Smith brings you the power of video in a presentation that will teach you all the ins-and-outs on how to effectively and efficiently grow your HVAC business. No matter the size of your HVAC company, he explains specific video marketing strategies that will allow your business to compete in your market, like never before.

Scott’s presentation will teach you how to easily produce professional videos, and harness the power of Youtube, turning your videos into marketing magnets that will engage new customers.

Scott has been in the media business over 25 years. He has a strong TV news media and corporate communications and marketing background, providing communication solutions for small and large businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, advertising and public relations agencies.

Scott has worked in television news for affiliate stations representing three of the major news networks; ABC, CBS, and NBC. His corporate work includes projects for the likes of Microsoft, Texas Instruments, McDonald’s, Southwest Airlines, Pizza Hut, Harley Davidson, Frito Lay, and many more.

Scott Rucas,

Scott Rucas is the Amana Brand Manager for the Goodman Manufacturing Company. Scott began working for Goodman in 2003 as a Regional Manager and moved into to his current role in 2015. Scott’s history of working in sales, distribution, and operations has developed him into an incredible asset for Goodman and the Amana brand in particular.

Today, he is dedicated to making Amana the most valuable name in the industry to HVAC dealers, as well as the most sought after HVAC brand in the homes of consumers across the country.

Thomas Perry,

Thomas Perry is Manager of North Division Technical Services at Goodman Distribution. Thomas completed the Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning program at RETS Technical Training Center in Baltimore MD. He has been active in the HVAC industry for 32 years and has served as past President of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society First State Chapter. He has received the David M Lawson Service Excellence Award for outstanding performance in the HVAC industry from RSES International.

He is NATE Certified and maintains a Master HVAC license in Maryland. He has worked as a manufacturer technical manager in the HVAC industry for 13 years, including 5 years at Goodman Manufacturing.

Tom Wittman,
HVAC Coach

Tom Wittman is an HVAC Speaker, Instructor and hands on – on site implementation specialist who helps HVAC professionals transition from the daily grind to designing a life and HVAC Businesses from weather driven to a consistent, predictable and scalable model.

Having raised two wonderful children with his amazing wife of 31 years, Carol, Tom started his career by putting himself through a two-year HVAC vocational course 33 years ago while working part-time as a shop helper and a UPS truck loader.

After earning his HVAC Bachelor’s degree, Tom held many positions from Installer, Service Technician, Comfort Advisor and Service / Sales Manager where he was nationally recognized as one of the top 5 sales performers for over 5 years.

After earning his residential and commercial contracting license, Tom was afforded the position of General Manager of a large HVAC–Plumbing company where he learned hands on how to build a residential HVAC business.

As a General Manager, Tom led his team to transitioning the business from 80% RNC to 70% Residential replacement within three years and improved net profitability from mid-range single digit to solid double-digit results by making sure every employee clearly understood their role, measuring daily results against pre-determined benchmarks and taking full advantage of each learning opportunity with every employee.

That experience afforded Tom the opportunity to support a large number of contractors grow their business by serving the HVAC Industry as an HVAC Speaker, Instructor and hands on, on-site implementation specialist for the last 16 years.

Tom continues to serve the Industry in that capacity while maintaining partial ownership of a few select organizations to ensure that what is being instructed and advised is relevant, practical and actually works.

“You will never lose as long as you focus on winning and learning”
“The world will give you in return, what you give it.”

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